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Hello fam, are you looking to advertise with us? We have what it takes to promote your business, seminars, programs, start-ups, and other things you mind what to promote to our large blog audience and you will get a good value for your money receiving optimum conversion.

All format and categories except illegal stuffs are welcomed. From Text Ads to Banners, Sponsored and all are very welcomed to advertise with us

Sponsored Post
On your order we will publish a sponsored post about your blog, website, seminars, Business, startups etc. You get a FREE Social Media promotion too when you advertise with us.

Banner Ads

we will place your banners at easily visible points on this website/blog. A banner size will be at your preference and the on-site location is also yours to select.

Do contact us for specific advertising details.

Banner/Text ads are seen by users of computers and mobile devices, including those that use Opera Mini browsers.

All our ADs both Banners/Texts are visible to computer and mobile devices as well as Ad blocking browsers except it was particularly blocked by a user.

We currently operate on flat rate but hope to advance to PPC as time goes on.

Please send us an emails Teambodyminddiet@gmail.com inquiring with specific of what you want and we will give you full information about it all.

We have banner space for
250 x 250 Ad banner
300 x 250 Ad banner
420 x 400 Ad banner
728 x 90 Ad banner (free blog post on social media)
728 x 250 Ad banner (free blog post on social media)
We can also create adjust to fit your need.

After confirmation of payment, every client gets an Ad section on our dashboard so it's easy to track your subscription and regularly check what devices, people's and location where your prospective customer are from but we have no access to give you names and emails from our database as it is against our Privacy Policy.

Text Ads

Text Ads will vary by a number of factors; do Contact Us for detailed information.

For Payments
we accept Wire, Bank Transfer, Perfect Money, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, Vogue Pay etc.

Other Payment Method
let us know how you want to pay or perhaps you want to discuss other advertising related matters. Teambodyminddieta@gmail.com

NOTE: In circumstances we help you host a banner for FREE, you can save you bandwidth on that while we do the job. Your Ad will run on every page on this websites.

Large Audience, Wide Reach, Quick Engagements, Real Conversions! Nothing beats that, exactly what you get HERE with us.
Don't fail to get on board now!

Sincerely Yours,
Benjamin Henry,
Blogger & Author.

NB : We don't refund on Ads already running, a lot of people take advantage of this.


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