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Looking to get in touch with us? Awesome! It's good to hear from my readers and I love it. If you are mailing about questions on things abstract from what have been covered via articles then I will be glad to reply.

However E-mails have gotten so out of control, while I hate to filter out some, the more time I spend going through emails about already answered questions via posts, the less time I'll have to Research on new and useful first-hand information's on our subject and concrete advice to help you achieve your goal for been here as loyal reader.

Therefore, before you send me a message please read through the following guidelines:

If you are looking for general tips, advice, and information on our topics, please consult the respective category section of this website or use the search bar on the top right of the page. Basic information on what to do, how to do, and how much things cost to get it done can be found throughout the site. Emails that ask “what should I do in [x]?” will simply direct you back to the category section anyways. There are exceptions though so If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask!

If you are e-mailing me about health/wellness questions related to treatments or medicals please contact a hospital or a doctor. I'm not the right person to comment on individual situations and will not respond to your email.

If you wondering how you should start on planning your wellness journey or feeling lost, please use the category section of this website Here. That’s the best place to begin using this website.

I’m not a doctor or health specialist and emails asking me health questions will be replied with this very line "See a Doctor or specialist".

I love everything about health and wellness but drawing out a plan is a very personal process. My advice is always simply, test and see what you are comfortable with then stick to it. For what places to go for things needed, only you can answer that. I don’t know what you are comfortable with but I believe you could pick from the amazing information shared on this site.

I do accept guest posts and inquiries will be welcomed.

I do accept sponsored posts, text links, or other advertising. All inquiries will be honored.

Please keep all emails to two paragraphs or less.

If you’re inquiring about something abstract and out of the general or answer via post kind of question or request then by all means, e-mail me: Teambodyminddiet@gmail.com

I’ll help any way I can! All our reader is important to us.
If you want to hire me for consulting for your start-up, blog, or personal wellness planning, I do some over the phone and e-mail consulting.

If you have any questions related to the forum or want to be a featured community member, contact our community manager via bmdcommunity@gmail.com.

If you’ve found an error, please let us know so we can update the site! There no one who hasn't made an error before. Email any corrections to: Teambodyminddiet@gmail.com


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Welcome to BODYMINDDIET Blog. We are centered on Health/Wellness topics for your well being. The category section specifies more. I'm also a Fitness Coach, an ICT Consultant, and Digital Marketer. Signup to get valuable Health/Wellness Tips to your E-mail weekly for FREE!

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