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Hello! I'm Benjamin Henry and I'm a Health/Wellness blogger particularly focused on weight loss, yoga, fitness, body building, meditation, drug addiction, and healthy recipes.

Right here you get to meet me officially aside my health/wellness tips, advice, and information on posts.

I Overcame my Health and Wellness Phobia!

For as long as I can recall I was afraid at the beginning of my own wellness journey even though I fancied reading books, watching podcast's and listening to audio books on the subject. When I watch celebrities and models doing their thing, I always dream of having the perfect body and mind. Well, I realized later on that life is what you make of it and such things as taking the first bold step and sticking to it shouldn't really scare the hell out of me. Everything is possible when you give it the right attention, attitude, and devotion.

I actually daydream about a lot of things like having the world most banging body, experiencing a distinctive new body feeling light weight and on point because I got fed up of just watching models and other people share success stories. I always felt like taking the bold step all along until I did and it transformed me. 

Now a lot of these dreams are manifesting by God's grace and I'm certainly going to carry you "Yes you" along so sit back, grab a healthy Milk Shake as you peruse through my online archive. You will get to find out useful information’s, tips, and advice that saves you stress, time and money. I am not an expert but I have the right Information you need.

Health/wellness is a vast education on its own as you get to know a whole lot you probably will find out the best definitive solution for you. 

Starting your wellness program

Well, I will always tell people that you don't need all the money in the Bank of America vault room before you can shape your body and mind to your dream figure and state of mind. First, you just need to desire it enough and secondly your passionate drive to achieve results for what you have started. 

Big Advice

Health/wellness isn't such a big deal if you know how what and when to but you have to prepare your mind for everything and expect the best result. If you would be careful and faithful to read through a lot of things that have covered in the blog posts in the various categories that suit you and all round health/wellness matters, you will save yourself a whole lot of hassle on the break and quench, expensive supplements, etc...

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